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Nova High



Mid 19th century (originally denoting a newly discovered or newly visible star or nebula): from Latin, feminine of novus ‘new'.

Our School

New, Innovative, Immersive

Nova High is founded for the adolescents of today and tomorrow who want to be seen, heard, and valued. Adolescents long to become joyful contributors to humanity as they move into adulthood and discover their life’s path. They want to matter—and they do! In order to challenge and engage these young people we will offer rigorous academics rooted in Anthroposophy, experiential and immersive learning throughout the year, and an emphasis in the arts and outdoors. Fridays are spent off campus, as students learn through internships, community service and connection, and science in the field. Nova High will offer yearly class trips that deepen the curriculum, create opportunities for collaboration, strengthen social connections, and build self-reliance. Students will participate in two plays per year—a class play and a whole school musical. Relationships will be cultivated with local artisans and homesteaders to bring depth to the school’s art and outdoors programs. More information about our approach can be found in this excerpt by Jack Petrash:

 Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the Inside Out by Jack Petrash

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Tuition Model

Family Individualized Tuition

No two families are identical. Nova High uses a variable tuition model to assess each family’s financial picture to determine a tuition that works best for you. FIT takes into consideration numerous aspects of a family’s financial picture, such as: sibling enrollment, child or elderly care, and extenuating circumstances as they relate to employment income or family expenses. The founders of Nova are passionate about equitable access for all, which this model prioritizes. 

Discover the values Nova upholds in order to enable students to fully engage in their learning environment—from media use, substance use, politics, and more. 

School Values

For Students & Parents


"As parents of 2 teen daughters that had homeschooled through middle school,  we were looking for a high school option that focuses on nurturing the souls as much as the minds of our daughters. We deeply desired an education that allows for time outside of the classroom, in nature and in the community, where they are encouraged to build relationships and have hands-on experience with practical skills. We were surprised when we first learned about NOVA High and were invited to attend the first community information evening. We were delighted to hear the hearts and intentions of the 3 founding women, as their vision so aligned with our dream that we almost thought it might be too good to be true.  We were wrong.  This vision, combined with the FIT system for tuition,  made our dream within reach, and the benefits to our daughters have exceeded our hopes.  We are beyond grateful for this opportunity!"


Luna and Cedar Whitlock

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