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Our high school balances rigorous academics, arts, and outdoor experiences, providing adolescents with purpose and belonging. Enjoy early access to our five-year circle initiative to ensure a sustainable future for Nova. Early supporters enjoy VIP privileges, including early access to our grand fall gala tickets and a custom wine/coffee tumbler.

Your decision to support Nova today ensures a brighter future for generations to come. Say "yes" to Nova and help us cultivate a nurturing environment where adolescents can thrive. Together, let's ignite a brighter tomorrow. 

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Join Nova on an incredible journey toward becoming a fully enrolled high school—a supernova in the making. We're seeking families, individuals, and local/national businesses who are ready to embark on this thrilling adventure with us.

With only 40 Waldorf high schools in the US, the demand for a profound educational high school experience is evident. Nova, nestled between the mountains and lake in Sandpoint, Idaho, offers a haven away from city life, where teenagers can forge meaningful connections with themselves and the world.

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Become a Star Guardian!

Your unwavering commitment plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Nova. By investing in our programs today, you're not just supporting current initiatives—you're sowing the seeds for a vibrant and dynamic educational landscape for years to come. Join us in laying the foundation for an enriching educational experience that will empower teens to thrive at Nova and beyond. 

 $9 per Month


$100 year

$42 per Month


$500 year 


$1000 year

$84 per Month


$5000 year

$417 per Month

Become a Star Guardian Today

Once a month you can show you believe in Nova and are with us as we ignite the future. 


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