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We unite through shared understandings

School policies are a collection of understandings and agreements established between different entities, such as the school administration, staff, and students. At Nova High, we take the development of such policies very seriously, as they play a crucial role in fostering a positive and productive learning environment. Our policies are designed to minimize distractions and disruptions throughout the school day, ensuring that everyone involved in the educational process is able to concentrate on what truly matters—the acquisition of knowledge and skills and knowing your higher self. By establishing clear and fair policies, we aim to create an atmosphere that is conducive to academic growth and success for all students, allowing them to reach their full potential and make the most of their high school experience.

Honor Code

The Nova High Honor Code encapsulates the highest ideals we hold in our community. Principles such as honor, integrity, respect, trust, and accountability are foundational and underpin all our approaches and interactions. Our founding senior class will participate in the creation of the first written honor code. Each following year, seniors will exercise their leadership within the school at a retreat prior to the beginning of the school year, wherein they will craft and revise the all-school honor code for the year. Our intention is to consistently renew this beautifully articulated document through meaningful conversation as well as artistic and other processes so that it lives as a meaningful reality of community goals at Nova. The student body will be presented the honor code at the onset of each year.

In order to uphold our principles, Nova High prohibits the use of mind-altering substances including recreational drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, e-cigarettes/vaping, and prescription drugs used for non-medical purposes. All students are required to sign an agreement to be completely substance-free to attend Nova High. We understand that peer pressure and boredom can contribute to substance use, which is why we strive to provide students with rigorous and engaging academic curriculum, opportunities for performing arts, and rich outdoor experiences. Our goal is to cultivate the best in each student through creativity, collaboration, and challenge. We believe that substance use undermines these efforts. We trust that parents enrolling their children at Nova will support our substance-free policy and join us in fostering a safe and healthy learning environment for all students.


At Nova High, students are required to abide by a Media Policy as a condition of enrollment. This policy aims to promote responsible and thoughtful media and electronic technology use within our school community. Key aspects of the policy include: No cell phone usage during school hours, including school trips (to facilitate face-to-face interaction and immersive experiences), a commitment to handwriting assignments until 11th grade (to foster traditional learning skills), reduced media usage during performances (to promote focused attention and presence).

Substance Use

We are living in a time of extreme politicization and polarization in education. Way too often, our children and teenagers are caught in the crosshairs of these culture wars. Young people suffer detrimental consequences in their mental health and self esteem as the adults around them retreat into their hardened camps. So while we acknowledge that there is a political side to every aspect of life, including education, we will strive at Nova High to depoliticize the classroom and school environment as much as possible. View our full pdf for

more information. 


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