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One of the reasons we started Nova High was to reimagine how schools demonstrate commitment to equity. At a school that charges tuition, there is a particular obligation to ensure that inclusion and access are at the very core of how tuition decisions are made.

That's why we chose a Family Individualized Tuition model, or FIT. Learn more below about FIT, the process by which Nova determines tuition obligations, and how FIT ensures financial equity.

Tuition Model

Why Family Individualized Tuition?

What is FIT?

Nova High School uses a variable tuition model which assesses each family's financial situation to determine an appropriate tuition fee. The assessment considers various factors such as sibling enrollment, child/elderly care, and extenuating circumstances related to employment income and family expenses. The information provided is meant to give clarity to families considering applying, but some families may fall outside the parameters.

Your Family's Fit

The Family Individualized Tuition (FIT) levels at Nova High range from $5,400 to $23,000 for the 2024-25 academic year. The tuition fee covers most, but not all, expenses related to a Nova High education. It is important to note that FIT is based on the combined annual gross income for all adults who share financial responsibility for the student. The sections below provide tuition numbers for each tier of income. This model is a living conversation between Nova and each family as we aim to consider all aspects needed to provide an equitable tuition package. If the tuition amount in your tier needs further consideration, we engage in a deeper conversation to discover how we can meet your need while still creating a balanced budget for the school. 

Families in this income range rarely have the capacity to devote significant financial resources towards tuition. Tuition at this tier is a very accessible $5,400 per year, plus supply, food, and trip fees. 

What's Next?

Enrollment is now open. Follow the link to understand the application process and apply. 

Would you like to opt out?

Families that choose to opt-out of FIT must indicate this by confirming they wish to pay the max tuition amount, bypassing the FIT process, contributing $23,000 for their child's education at Nova. 

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